Why Should You Choose vTiger CRM?


Because vtiger CRM is the only Open Source CRM System, which offers you everything for your enterprise. It is flexible, modular and customizable to your individual work processes. In the following, you can find a lot more reasons for using vtiger CRM.

vTiger CRM is a full-featured, open source CRM application that was divided from SugarCRM. This Customer relationship management software is best for small-medium business, having comparable functionality like SugarCRM and Salesforce.com.

vTiger CRM provides a customer portal, an Outlook plug-in and reporting features free in its edition, whereas those functions are paid in other Customer Relationship Management applications. VTiger CRM is popular CRM software product among thousands of users worldwide. It is also blessed with an active community of users, who drives the software and contributing to its continuing development.

Key Modules of vTiger CRM

Lead Management:

This CRM has an ability to manage leads, from creating through converting them into better opportunities. It also imports leads from external sources like trade shows, seminars, web downloads, and direct mail. vTiger CRM also changes lead status according to the sales process. Users can convert their leads into sales opportunities, accounts, and contacts with just one-click.

Account Management:

This CRM tracks all the accounts and related opportunities, cases, contacts, and other details from its core. It also identifies parent-child relationships between accounts and their divisions. The best thing is it takes accounts from external sources, like GoldMine, ACT, and other applications. For future reference, it attaches customer-specific documents to accounts.

Product Customization:

It makes custom fields/pick lists according to business requirements. It also personalizes tabs by using drag & drop functionality so modules that are irrelevant to sales process can be veiled.

Activity Management:

For quick future reference, it adds all vital customer-related e-mails in vtiger CRM. In addition, it also stores all the details of customer’s call and meetings. In order to have a streamlined sales process, it manages daily tasks to the vTiger CRM users.

Contact Management:

vTiger CRM tracks all contacts and related opportunities, activities, and other details from a common place. For better understanding, it creates the hierarchy of contacts within a company for superior coordination while dealing customers. Moreover, it imports and exports contacts from external sources and to spreadsheet software respectively for further analysis.

Security Management:

It defines team roles according to organization structure and controls the access to modules as per employee’s role. For better auditing, it archives the login history of each user.

Microsoft Outlook Plug-in:

It adds outbound and forwards inbound Outlook e-mails to vtiger CRM. Furthermore, it also synchronizes contacts, tasks and calendar between Microsoft® Outlook® and vtiger CRM. It also helps to filter e-mails in Microsoft® Outlook® and adds mails, which are necessary.

Opportunity Management:

vTiger CRM tracks all sales opportunities and other associated opportunities with accounts, contacts, activities, and other modules to enhance better visibility. Furthermore, it also exports opportunities to spreadsheet software like OpenOffice®, Microsoft® Excel®, and others in order to examine the sales pipeline and quickly recognize the restricted access, if any.

How vTiger works?

vTiger CRM has an open-source architecture to its new dimension that allows users to tweak and control in your own ways. vTiger has a superior technology that enables grip on reporting, campaign management, information database, case studies, lead management, inventory management, and so on.

vTiger CRM can be used on the intranet, extranet, or both as it is developed on proven and reliable LAMP/ WAMP, i.e. PHP, MySQL, Linux/ Windows, Apache technologies. In the vTiger’s latest version, users will get the usual range of CRM functions such as sales automation, marketing automation, customer support and service functions, etc.

One of the best things about adopting development robust vTiger CRM service is it supports internal processes and employees of business to manage your data in better ways. Those businesses, who are looking forward to converting their lead into more sales, can have a vTiger CRM is surely an excellent bet. Some of the finest advantages of vTiger CRM are:

  • Web-based can access from anywhere
  • simple-to-use, and No technical training required
  • Domain experts to look out of any level of customization
  • Included set of over 40 tools
  • Zero licensing cost, only support and customization charges
  • Delivers post and pre-sales activates, rich user experience and excellent customer support
  • Offers range of user-interaction features like integration with emails system, PDF document generation, subscription, Asterisk PBX phone system, and so on.


Businesses throughout the world have discovered the power of vTiger to enhance their customer experience and increase their sales. As open-source software, vTiger comes with a community of developers and users who offer ongoing support, making this one of the most user-friendly CRMs on the planet.

How can vTiger CRM help your team improve customer relations and increase sales? Contact Perfect Web Creations today to learn how!