Brand Identity Abbotsford

We make our clients’ brands remarkable by combining clearly articulated strategy with beautiful designs.


We help our clients to improve their brand identity. We’ll workshop your brand with you, developing branding messaging, design style, audience and positioning to make sure your customers talk about you. But more than that, they talk about you in the way you want.

Brand identity is the expression of your strategy through how it looks and sounds across all touchpoints. Ensuring your brand is articulated with clarity is essential to forming an emotional bond and ongoing loyalty with your consumer.

  • Brand exploration, concepts and strategy
  • Design styling and guidelines
  • Logo
  • Storytelling
  • Colours
  • Font type

Questions about Brand Identity

What is brand identity?

Brand identity, just like personal identity, makes a brand unique and sets it apart from the other companies. Brand identity constitutes the elements that are created by a company which determines how the customers perceive the brand. The secret sauce of a brand is its unique identity that helps in defining its basic characteristics and a successful brand identity results in a positive image for your brand. With a strong identity for your brand, it would always stay in the minds of potential customers helps you in building that special identity for your brand through our “Brand Identity Development” services.

Why is having a brand identity strategy important?

A strong brand helps to build a positive customer perception about the company, its products and services. An effective brand strategy helps in building a strong brand and renders a powerful voice to it. We help you in developing a cohesive brand strategy through our services which would help you in communicating your message to the customers more clearly, thus increasing the likeliness of attracting new customers and maintaining a loyal customer base. Moreover, a brand strategy serves as an anchor for the employees by providing a clear brand vision and directing everyone’s efforts towards the same goal.

What is a Brand Refresh Campaign?

As trends and styles are rapidly and forever changing in the fast-paced corporate world, Perfect Web Creations guarantees your business maintains relevance and competitive advantage through brand refresh campaigns. By evaluating and comparing your branding against industry leaders, we can successfully ensure that your business’ branding is one that customers can trust and see as legitimate and professional.