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08 Feb 2018

10 things to keep in mind when redesigning your website

Redesigning a site is more than only giving it an enhanced fresh look. The productivity and shortcomings of the current site are priceless in knowing how to improve the site and make the re-design worth the effort, time and cost. It is not about just design or aesthetic charm; it is about everything from performance to accessibility. Following are 10 things you should have in mind before you redesign your site:
11 Aug 2016

Importance of CRM Drives Job Growth

Customer relationship management is an always-evolving industry, and today’s surge of CRM software options is driving growth in staffing needs, too. In a tightening economy, customer relations have become ever more important—hence the increase of careers based around building, protecting and cultivating relationships with customers for businesses in nearly every sector. According to a recent study by GI Insight, most top corporations based in the United Kingdom have appointed a head of CRM. Including positions that also encompass other titles, such as customer services director or marketing director, brings the total up to 48 percent.
25 Jul 2016

Expanded Text Ads – Google Adwords

With right-side text ads gone, Google is testing a new, longer look for text ads that can display across devices in any ad position. Expanded Text Ads are the next generation of the standard AdWords Text Ad. This new ad type provides longer, more controllable messaging in your ads. Expanded Text Ad also features:
25 Jul 2015

Why should you choose vtiger CRM?

Because vtiger CRM is the only Open Source CRM System, which offers you everything for your enterprise. It is flexible, modular and customizable to your individual work processes. In the following, you can find a lot more reasons for using vtiger CRM. vTiger CRM is a full-featured, open source CRM application that was divided from SugarCRM. This Customer relationship management software is best for small-medium business, having comparable functionality like SugarCRM and