The Great Canadian Bucket List

100% increase in user traffic without any paid marketing while maintaining the pre-design SEO rankings



The Great Canadian Bucket List had extensive published content, a wide fan base, and regular visitors. After the website redesign, they wanted to keep this organic traffic and SEO ranking intact.


We revamped the client's entire website, including the layout, clickable elements, and the user interface while retaining the URLs and updating Google to retain their market positioning.


Pageviews increased by 130% in a matter of months with longer sessions and a lower bounce rate.


Who is The Great Canadian Bucket List?

The Great Canadian Bucket List is a blog of experiences penned by Robin Esrock. The man is a travel writer, bestselling author, international TV personality and global adventurer. What made Robin stand out in a sea of other bloggers was his personal touch with weekly reports, photography, videos, reviews, and interviews with every person he’s ever met. He has essentially created an omnichannel presence for himself and the blog by touching every form of media that exists.

As the founder and promoter of The Great Canadian Bucket List, Robin came to Perfect Web Creations to improve the user experience of his website through a comprehensive web redesign. We formulated a strategy that did right by his SEO propositions and drove new traffic to the platform as well.

Services Provided:

  • UX (User Experience) Design
  • Responsive Website Design
  • WordPress website
  • Search Engine Optimization

Website Re-Design & SEO Growth

The Great Canadian Bucket List was using an interface developed in 2005 – 2006. The website gave a very unprofessional and untrustworthy appearance with scattered elements and disproportionate images. The brief was to redesign the user experience to incorporate the rebranding of the blog while maintaining its original candidness that the users loved.

We began with the idea that every page should have a story to tell and should effectively answer the following questions — What we are, what we do and how we can help you? We experimented with the page colours and layout to make the website more interactive and the journey more refined. Cleaner scrolls and ample whitespace allowed us to guide visitors from one section to another with absolute ease.


The text hierarchy, graphics, and images were updated to be coherent with the overall look and feel, delivering the key message precisely.

Three key objectives were achieved:

  • A positive user journey was created with improvements in the brand persona.
  • We ensured seamless navigation through a responsive website and prominently clickable elements.
  • A leaner approach was taken to deliver quicker outcomes for both the user and the blogger.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Great Canadian Bucket List’s existing marketing strategy was completely dependent on organic search results. This meant that any changes to the site hierarchy or permalink structures would mean a loss in visitors and engagement. We took a proactive step while redesigning the website to maintain the integrity of all URLs.

Our goal was to port all the content to the new platform while maintaining and improving the SERP rankings. To keep Google’s crawlers in the loop, we reintegrate Google Analytics and set up Google Search Console as per the company’s guidelines. The new site map was submitted to the search engine provider with the complete hierarchy optimized for maximum visibility.

Technical and on-page SEO enhancements were made while fixing all the errors within the APIs and web tools. The entire process translated into increased organic traction for the blog in the next couple of months. We also went on to install Adsense to introduce a secondary income for the blog.



Between May and August 2021, The Great Canadian Bucket List manages to pull in nearly double the number of unique visitors through their organic ranking. The pageviews in line with the move went up by 130%, with the average session duration increasing to 120.42%.

The entire redesign and search engine optimization process amplified their presence on the web across all devices, leading up to 202.87% sessions and a decreased bounce rate. Adsense allowed the blog to recover its web development expenses over time.



Keywords Ranked


Organic users/month


Increase in website traffic
(Aug 2021 vs May 2021)
Generating increased revenue


decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA)

Client Testimonial

An excellent all-round experience re-designing, re-building and launching two digital platforms. Particularly impressed with PWC's responsiveness, attention to customer satisfaction, turnaround, and problem solving. Highly recommended to any company or individual in need of an online presence, digital overhaul or strategy. Many thanks to Deep and his team.Robin Esrock