Amaya Turkish Delight

We transformed this Surrey Turkish Delight’s website into a vibrant and user-friendly online shop reflective of their authentic & high-end brand.



Amaya needed a modern look to capture the attention of a high-end target audience. The goal was to have an e-commerce store to sell products.


Our team built the website in Shopify e-commerce platform to facilitate online purchases, which helped the company find improved revenue opportunities.


Within few months of the website launch, the client had increase search visibility for local and organic keywords.


Who is Amaya?

Amaya makes Turkish delight the old-fashioned way. They only use the finest natural ingredients so customers can experience authentic Turkish Delight savoring each bite and each moment. All products are freshly made-to-order, carefully packed, and delivered from their factory right to the customer’s doorstep. Their product is gluten, gelatin, and dairy-free (suitable for vegans) and made with all natural flavors and colors here in Canada.

Services Provided:

  • Website Strategy
  • Professional Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Shopify E-commerce
  • Website Maintenance
Colors & Typography

Brand Identity


Shopify Store Development

Whether your site is designed for e-commerce or simply to inform and engage visitors, we can help you achieve your goals with tailored strategies focused on optimizing user experience (UX).

The Amaya site’s visual aesthetic was guided by its detailed style and branding guide. Style guidelines included the use of branded colors, large fonts, and geometric graphic designs. The overall aesthetic spirit for this project was heavily focused on Amaya’s branding needs, with significant input from our lead web designer.

With regular consultation with the Amaya team, we selected the Shopify theme and customized it to develop an overall look and feel that satisfied all stakeholders.